Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Ditch

Do you remember when you were younger? Did you and your neighborhood friends had that certain spot that you'd meet up at before reeking havoc on your parents houses.

Remember hurrying to get your homework done, or lying and saying you've already done it, and yelling at your folks that you were taking off to meet up with your friends? They'd holler back something about making sure you were home for dinner.

Tom and his friends met up at 'the ditch'. I'm not really sure why. I think it was the middle ground between all the boys houses. The ditch is actually fairly close to my Dad's parents house in town.

(Hm... I wonder if any of my Dad's little sisters know any of these people... interesting.)

I've heard many abbreviated stories about the ditch. Of course, the boys were perfect angels, so there aren't that many interesting stories for me to write out here. *wink wink*

Anyhow - last year, some of the boys (which are now men in their 40's) discussed that the only time everyone saw each other was during bad circumstances. Funerals. Hospitals. You know, bummer deals. Definitely not times to reminisce.

From this discussion came the idea for an annual reunion. The boys (er, I mean, men) had worked on tracking down all the kids in their old neighborhood. Lots and lots of people. Its amazing how many people you can find if you're looking...

So, today was the second annual 'Ditch Party' (as Tom and I call it). Tom really enjoys seeing his old neighbors, remembering old times together and updating everyone on their past year. I basically eavesdrop on the conversations, trying to pick up good blackmail stories to use against Tom later.

Tom's already looking forward to next year. And, by that time, I'll need new blackmail stories! It'll work out perfect.

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