Sunday, September 24, 2006

Know what?

I am not ashamed to admit that I love to read other people's blogs.

I'm not sure what the draw is, really, but I cannot stop myself from sticking my nose into other people's lives. These are people that I most probably will never know, meet, speak to, or even occassionally email back and forth.

Yet, I get sucked in. I become dependant on checking certain people's blogs daily, to see what has transpired in their lives.

In the past, I would never ever ever comment on someone else's blog unless it was a pulitzer prize post. I felt that the author of the post wouldn't care what I had to say, since I didn't know them or they didn't know me, or whatever.

I've changed my ways.

I've started commenting on the blogs I stalk.

Baby steps. Small comments.

Commenting won't kill me. And, if the author doesn't like it, they'll delete it. Or make fun of me. Whatever. I don't have to go back to their blog, right?

Its not like grade school, when you knew you'd have to see those people for the rest of the year... so you tried to tiptoe around them... so they wouldn't say something horrible about you... and you'd have to deal what they said every day... for the rest of the year...

Oh, you're still reading? Uh, that last paragraph was just a concept. I wouldn't know what that was like... uh huh. Serious.

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