Monday, September 18, 2006


I've just spent the last hour on the phone with 8 different people trying to figure out Tom's Rx problems.

Turns out we'll still have to wait two days for all the information to get through.

I guess the main hold up was his Rx provider didn't have his file complete?

This doesn't make sense to me, really.

Well, I suppose it does. The government isn't right on top of things. Not that I'm complaining too much, really.

If something expires on a certain date, you'll probably have it for 6 months longer than that before the government finally yanks it from ya.

And, actually, concidering I was on the phone with 8 different people, regarding a problem that I didn't know how to address, I'm not aggrivated or close to taking someone's head off.

Everyone was nice!!! And, and, they were helpful!!!

Seriously. How rare is that?

8 different phone calls, and no one made me feel like an idiot. Everyone was as helpful as possible. And, they were also pleasant to speak with.


Hope I get so lucky when I call back in two days to finish fixing this dilemma.

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angie said...

thats not too bad... I almost think everything works that way... we have to wait for thursday for a washer still :-(