Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What a gorgeous day

Again, the weather gods were on our side today.

As we sat around the house, we started thinking of how we wanted to spend the day.

We agreed today would be a perfect day to visit our friends Bill and Lisa. They have a wonderful porch, which with a little maneuvering, Tom can get situated and enjoy visiting with everyone. Today, we even took it a step further and managed to get Tom inside the screen door, into the kitchen. Its the first time he's been in their house since his accident.

Bill and Lisa's little girl is adorable. I'm thankful I remembered to grab my camera before we left the house. She's so photogenic, its near impossible to get a bad photo of her. Check out a couple on my flickr page.

We had only planned on staying a couple hours. We finally left after 6 hours, realizing several things.

1- We love all of our friends.
2- We'll miss Bill and Lisa when they move.
3- Going to visit friends is uplifting.
4- Lisa will always be a marvelous cook.
5- Bill will always be a riot.
6- Syd will always be adorable.

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