Friday, October 13, 2006

Lack of creativity

Every year some friends of ours throws a Halloween party. Halloween is their favorite holiday. Costumes are highly suggested at this event.

Every year Tom and I attend. Rarely do we dress up. We just... I don't know... don't have the creativity to come up with clever costumes.

I've taken up smoking outside the house (this does relate to the story - I promise). Its been pretty frigid in these here parts. I've donned a hooded sweater while running outside to get my quick nicotine fix.

While outside the other night, I glance at my reflection in the window.

I'm the frickin' unabomber, dude.

I immediately tell Tom. He finds it quite entertaining.

We discuss how simple a costume this would be for the Halloween party. Yet, we can't remember exactly what the freak looks like, so I google 'em.

I suggest to Tom that it might be better if he dresses up as the unabomber because, well, they are both males... and Tom has a mustache. (And I don't - for those who are paying attention here). All we have to do would be find those huge sunglasses that were so popular when I was like... oh, ten years old. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

Anyways - the whole point of this post is that I have no idea what I should be at this party.

I'm looking for simple here. Like, stuff I already have in my closet or in my house.


Anyone? Anyone?


angie said...

cute comment things, how'd you do that?

Sheila said...

uh, I found it on the internet somewhere? ;) I think it was actually on Bloggers hacks...

Elizabeth said...

Hey I have some of those huge glasses but they are sun glasses.
I didn't know if that would help??

Elizabeth said...

You should be a cow girl that is easy and fun!