Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You know what I hate?

I hate it when you drop your brand spankin' new stick of deodorant on the floor.

I especially hate it when that drop causes a clean break in the stick. You're forced to 'smash' the broken part back onto the stick and hope it stays put. Or, you've got to throw away the dismembered section.

(I'm sure there are more options there, but these are the only two semi-suitable ones, in my opinion.)

I normally opt for the the first of my two solutions, and stuck the unused chunk of new deodorant on top of the stick. The only problem this creates would be that the amputated piece never really attaches back to the undamaged stick. Therefore, when using the Frankenstein of the deodorant, there is a good possibility that the problem piece will fall out.

I'm actually fairly good at catching the ball o' deodorant when it falls. I don't know if that's something I should be bragging about.

Anyhow - getting back to the story at hand.

Today, I grab my good smelling cheap deodorant and pull the lid off. I had forgotten that I had broken the crap.

The disconnected deodorant FLIES off the top of the stick and dives...

... you guessed it ...

into the toilet that I had flushed two seconds before grabbing the deodorant.

I stood there, over the toilet, praying that it wouldn't clog the drain. (Heck, I've never flushed deodorant before! I didn't know what would happen!)

No problems. It went right down.

So, my question is: Do I have to clean the toilet for a while, cuz it should smell all nice and pretty since it ate a good half of my deodorant stick?

And, these are the types of questions I ask myself daily...


Trisha said...

Jeez...I go for one stinking day without checking in on you all and now you have like 40 posts! You can't do that to a girl. You can't go from no posts for a week to 40 in a day. I mean you CAN cuz ya did...but that ain't right. Especially not on a day when work has mentally drained me and I couldn't catch a break to read it and then I get a hateful text from you on my phone accusing me of being dead! I'd tell you if I were dead! :o)

Sheila said...

Well, you're the one who gets all angry when I don't post. :-P

And, when I text you to see if you're dead, you should text me back and let me know if you are or not. I spent all evening wondering if I should call you again!!


Trisha said...

Sorry, sorry...jeeez! Maybe I was hiding from the law for killing a man and I didn't want anyone to know where I was or something like that. Yeah...that's it. Now get back to posting!!

Kentucky Girl said...

OMG. I hate that. You can use the stub that's left but it's never smooth or anything RAWR!

I completely forgot to blog that I dropped my car keys in the toilet the other day. WTF?