Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm an Expert

I think I am now an expert on Spider Monkeys.

I say this because, since this post from just a couple days ago, I've gotten several visits to my blog.

These visits are from people googling information on Spider Monkeys, obviously.

The most entertaining thing is HOW they're googling Spider Monkeys.

One person wants to know how a Spider Monkey urinates (honestly? Think about it. How do you urinate?!).

Someone wants to 'feed my Spider Monkey' (which, really, kind of sounds perverse in my opinion).

Another wants to learn how to 'come at you like a Spider Monkey'... (Uh, dude, that's a quote from a movie. I don't think there are lessons for that. Yet.)

It's bizarre to me... why would people think that I have the answer to these questions. I know there are much better sites out there with real information regarding these creatures. So, its not like this blog was listed at the top of the list regarding these searches...

But, you know, whatever. Its cool. I'll be the Spider Monkey expert.


Bluepaintred said...

how a Spider Monkey urinates
Spider monkeys urinate through small holes int eh pads of their feet. as they walk, they leave a train of urine behind them.

'feed my Spider Monkey' a spider momkey loves to eat beaver. wet beaver, dry beaver, hairy or bald beaver, but it especially loves to eat Canadian beaver

'come at you like a Spider Monkey' During the mating process of a spider monkey, the female or a submissive male who dresses well, lays on a bed of rotting leaves. The more dominant male will then stradle the prone spider monkeys body and start to

wait i guess you know all of this since youa re the expert, huh?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, ok very interesting!

Trisha said...

Hmmm....not sure this is child friendly! LOL.

Sheila said...

I don't remember ever claiming that this blog was child-friendly...