Thursday, September 20, 2007


Here in KC, the top news story (for some reason) is the fact that all the Hannah Montana concert tickets sold out so fast. They compared the quick sales to an Elvis concert...

It turns out that most of the tickets were sold to scalpers, and of course they'll turn around and sell them for four times the amount they paid. I've heard that you can find the tickets online for $1000!!!?!!

That is insane. Well, I guess the insane part is that people would actually pay that. $1000. FOR ONE TICKET?!!?

I remember when I was a kid, the New Kids On The Block concert was THE concert to attend. And I did. For like, $30. (Of course, it was the nose bleed section, but whatever.) I cannot fathom spending so much money for a kids concert.



Annie Jones said...

I also heard something like 10,000 of them where bought up by local industry to give out to kids of employees.

Now if it were me, on the outside I'd be saying "I's sorry sweetie, they're all sold out" while on the inside I'd be yelling "YESSS! Thank you Ticketmaster!"

TPFKAMA said...

you're such a youngster. my first concert was Kiss and it cost $4.50.

There's lots of bands I'd like to see but I can't justify laying out $100 for a ticket. Re-dick-you-lus!