Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Have you heard that Dale Jr. is moving teams? He won't have Bud and #8 like this year. Instead he'll be #88 and have Pepsi as a sponsor. Thats so weird to me. I wonder how he feels. Ya think he'll have to redo decor around his house and stuff... And, geez, I'd miss Bud as my sponsor!

Hope he likes the taste of Pepsi! Ha!!


Not a Granny said...

Him..What about Kasey Kahne going to the number 8? I will have to change all of my tattoos, start drinking Bud..ugh!!

Sheila said...

Oh, I don't think I realized that Kasey was going to #8. And they're keeping Bud as a sponsor?! That'll be weird. I hope they paint the car a different color or something, cuz I'll be all sorts of confused!!

Annie Jones said...

I don't really keep up on this stuff, but didn't I hear this wasn't exactly a voluntary change?