Tuesday, October 23, 2007


One of the hardest things for me to figure out is a way to entertain Tom and I both when we go out, which in itself is a rare occurrence. If we lived in St. Augustine Florida, this website would cure all of our problems. There are events on the last Saturday of every month which caters to a whole bunch of different groups. Honestly, Tom and I would both enjoy several activities listed here!

I’m definitely partial to the historic side of St. Augustine. I’m a sucker for the styles of the past. Whether it be houses, clothing or nik naks. I love to stare at these items and wonder who has used them in the past. Sometimes when I’m bored, I stare at some of my stuff laying around and think of the day that they will be antiques! I wonder if someone in the past stared at their items and pondered the same thing! Send me to an antique store and happy. Give me money to spend there, and I’m in heaven!

St. Augustine events are the last Saturday of every month, featuring live music, antique workshops or even book signings! If you’re near San Marco Avenue the last Saturday of the month, like October 27 or November 24, make sure you get to the Uptown Saturday Night! Its free… what more could you ask for!

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