Monday, October 15, 2007


I love our local news channel. They're so goofy! One of my favorite parts is that one of the news anchors works out with a professional trainer for a couple minutes. Its to show the general public what a trainer would do for you at the gym, and maybe to show you a couple things that you could do at home.

Anyway, this anchor always has to announce the next segment after doing the workout. And, he does not attempt to hide the fact that he is winded... and that he can feel the exercise working.

Like, he'll say, "Well, since *gasp* I can't feel my legs *gasp* anymore, we're *gasp wheeze* going to have so-n-so *wheeze* tell you about those *gasp* recalls!"

For some reason, I giggle every time.

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Elizabeth said...

Ha. That is really funny! At least you know he is not afraid to give it his best shot.