Wednesday, October 24, 2007


You know, you'd think that giving Tom a shower would be fun for the both of us. But, its not anywhere close to entertaining, on either part.

Since we don't have the proper shower chair for Tom to sit in right now, I have to bend over at an awkward angle. My back hurts afterwards from the crazy and unintentional exercise its getting. Tom is sunk down into the chair we're using, which hinders his arm movement... making it near impossible for him to help out. And, with the lack of ability to tilt back, he gets lightheaded... which makes me feel like I should hurry even more.

Hopefully, after the benefit, we'll be able to get a chair that'll help out with these problems.

But, hey, he's had more showers this past month then he's had the last four years! So, I'm really not complaining... I'm just explaining.

Yeah, thats it.


Bluepaintred said...

whew... did it suddenly get hot in here?

Sheila said...

okay... I tried reading that from an outsiders perspective, and it makes it interesting, for sure.

But, I promise its not anything exciting at all.