Saturday, November 24, 2007

Art Lover

I love the arts. I love pictures, sculptures, paintings… you name it, I most likely love it! Tom and I have been planning on getting to our semi-local museum sometime soon. It’s been forever since we’ve both been, and have never been together. But, now it’s getting too cold for Tom and I to venture out to the museum this year. Maybe we’ll get to it next spring.

Could you imagine, instead of going to a museum in the cold weather, going on an Artwalk in one of the oldest cities in the United States? Now, that would be an amazing journey. St. Augustine is a beautiful location to have Artwalks. You’ll never need to try to think of something to do again when in Northern Florida with their First Friday Weeked Art Walk!

St. Augustine Artwalk's are full of amazing artists of all forms. I’m sure there would be something for each spectator to be thrilled with. Of course, there is music and refreshments to enjoy between galleries, too! The tours begin at 5 PM and run until 9 PM, plenty of time to see the sights at an easy pace, especially since they offer complimentary trolley tours that stop at several locations.

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