Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hurry Up

Okay, I don’t think anyone reading my blog is so far in a cave that they’re unaware that Christmas is coming. And, I’m talking like super quick. Have you started shopping yet? Have you made out your Christmas lists? Have you picked out your holiday cards yet? You better hurry up with purchasing your cards, if your friends and family are going to receive them before the New Year!

I love getting and receiving cards. Its one of the highlights of my days during this dreary time of year. Its like a little ray of sunshine in an envelope addressed to me!! (How greeting card like was that statement?! Ya like that, did ya?)

Ooooh, look! This site also can personalize your card order! I love personalized Holiday Cards. And, it makes them super easy to get into the mail faster, in my opinion. Its definitely worth the extra change, I think!

Regretfully, these last couple of years I’ve just not been able to afford purchasing any holiday cards or postage. I think I may have been able to swing a few birthday cards, but not nearly the amount I’d like to send out. Yet, with this site called Cards Direct, there are all sorts of cards for all different occasions!

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