Monday, November 19, 2007


I think a lot of my regular readers know that my boyfriend Tom suffered a spinal cord injury in September of 2003. Before his accident, Tom was quite the active guy. It would seem like in one day he’d paint the house, replant the whole landscaping, weed the vegetable garden, cook a wonderful dinner for us and then settle down for the night and relax by playing guitar. He obviously knew a little about muscle aches and pains before he got hurt.

Since his deer stand collapsed and Tom became a quadriplegic, we began to learn that being paralyzed does not mean that you cannot feel pain, which is a positive and a negative, in my opinion. In fact, Tom’s muscle pain is more intense than ever now that he’s been hurt, sometimes bringing our day to a halt while attempting to lessen the hurt for him. He regularly has neck pain, shoulder pain, and has even complained about his back hurting! We’ve talked to his doctors and quite a few of them recommend a pain relief regiment that could easily include Freeze It Gel.

By using Freeze It Gel up to four times daily, Tom might actually be able to make it through a day relatively pain free. It would be the first time in four years that this would be possible. Could you imagine? And, if Tom were able to be pain free, he would be more apt to use the arm muscles that aren’t paralyzed even longer, which would strengthening them, allowing him do be able to do more things in the long run!

Obviously, you could see that a permanent regiment that would relieve anyone from pain is not only an improvement on someone’s attitude about life, but can actually physically improve it too! Trying Freeze It Gel could change our lives for the better. We should get some today.

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Annie Jones said...

I had a chiropractor put some Freeze It Gel on my neck once. I don't know how it would work in the long run, but it did give me some short term relief.

I say give it a try.