Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not so traditional

During the holidays around here, we have to find a way to make it to several different people's houses within a set amount of time.

I personally love the organized chaos of lunch at the Aunt's house, then dinner at Tom's dads, then the next day having dinner at another Aunt's house and Tom's mom bringing a meal over to our house.

Its kinda crazy. Its a little hectic. But, its tradition, and I really do love it.

This year was very laid back, though. Tom's dad and stepmom went to NY to visit her son, which cut out a dinner. Then, my mom's side of the family couldn't get their schedules to mesh, so we went without that meal. And lastly, the dinner that Tom's mom brought over was scheduled at the same time as one of my Aunt's.

I could of made an effort to get over and see my Aunt and the rest of my extended family, but just didn't have any motivation (or gasoline) to accomplish the task.

Tom's mom made an excellent meal. We spend some time snuggling with the baby girl and everyone went on their merry way!

A superb Thanksgiving day, in my opinion.


Bluepaintred said...

i did not have a single thanksgiving dinner on Thursday or Friday., seems like non of the Canadians around me celebrate American holidays

Sheila said...

geez, wtf is up with that, anyhow?