Saturday, November 24, 2007


I'm super tired. Really. Like I could totally put my head on the pillow right now and fall asleep.

Except, I need to use the bathroom. And, I need to give Tom his medications. And I need to kick the cat out of the bedroom. Oh, and my toe itches.

Maybe I should finish my list so I can hit the hay.

Which, who in their right minds would 'hit' 'hay'? I mean, seriously? What's the point.

Just sayin'.

(Yes, you seriously wasted your time reading this post. Thank you.)


Bluepaintred said...

hay is extremely itchy. if you actually had to sleep on hay? you would hate it enough to hit it!

Sheila said...

I just don't understand... *sigh*

Marilyn said...

I think... not that anybody cares... but I think this saying is from way back when they stuffed mattresses with hay and/or straw. They talk about this in the Little House books. But then, I'm with Blue, it would be an awful way to have to sleep.