Saturday, December 08, 2007


I think my main purchase, after paying off Christmas, will be to get my eyes checked and get new glasses. I think my eyes are half the cause of my issues lately. In fact, I know my eyes are strained. So strained, actually, that I find myself having to close them quite frequently here lately. Which, by closing my eyes for a prolonged period of time, I end up falling asleep... in all honesty, its the easiest way for my eyes to relax. But, it does mess up ones sleeping schedule (not that I really had one of those to begin with).

Anyhow - thats my plan. For now, anyhow.


Not a Granny said...

Hmm...eye strain can also be caused my too my computer usage..

OMG, did I just say that? Is there such a thing as too much computer usage?

Bluepaintred said...

NAG - your such a hooser!

Sheila - goggles for u sent me the wrong prescription. Don't go with them LOL

Sheila said...

NAG - I did notice my eyes hurt more while staring at the screen... *sigh*

Blue - Wow. Are you getting that fixed?

Bluepaintred said...

actually, no, i am too lazy

after paying for my own shipping to return them, I will only get like ten bucks back becuase the glasses were only 25 bucks.

live and learn