Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Party

Ah yes, the traditonal party over at our dear friends house. Its wonderful that we're able to get inside and enjoy the activities (I know, I said that last year. Its still true.) We're all getting a little wiser as time moves on, though. Someone thought to bring a card table for the downstairs (instead of playing in the upstairs kitchen like in the past), so the traditional card games could carry on, with Tom involved. He's not played since he got hurt, of course. And, with cards being played downstairs, most of the socializing was downstairs as well. Therefore, we were completely entertained almost the entire evening.

The girls started talking about the next benefit. They've decided it should wait until one of our friends gets back from Iraq, which (hopefully) will be in the spring. Also, obviously, the weather is much better that time of year. I love Tom's friends. They're wonderful people who want to do anything possible to help our situation be a little easier.

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