Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Power Ball

Man, that jackpot is pretty intense. Definately makes you think that you should buy a ticket. Yet, at the same time, knowing that everyone else is thinking that its 'their turn' draws the odds up even higher, in my opinion. Tom says the amount of people playing doesn't decrease your odds, which I suppose makes sense. And, for $5, if I could become a multi-billionaire...

How much of that would be taken out in taxes? Gee. I guess that if you loose half of it to taxes or whatever, you still would be pretty well off.

What would you do with a ka-trillion dollars? I mean, seriously. Can you fathom that amount of money?

I'd build a high tec house for Tom (of course, the house would have lots of perks for me too). Get a top of the line van, customized for Tom. I guess I would pay off my debt, too. Yeah, that might be wise. Then, I'd start dropping chunks of change in my family and friends hands.

(hehe - $2 for you, $2 for you... Okay. Maybe a little more money than that...)

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