Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Movies

Yes, I finally went to go see Harry Potter. My sister kindly escorted me.

Ironic that when we bought the tickets, the lady behind the counter said that the theater was only half full. Of course, when we got in there, I would have to say that her little computer was lying. We ended up sitting very close to the front.

I thought it was a pretty decent movie. It is amazing to think that the book was over 700 pages long, and they made the movie from 150 pages (I think thats what I heard). So, obviously there was a lot left out.

I don't think Angie was as thrilled with the story as I was, though. She's not a Harry freak, like the rest of the world.

I would of liked to see more magic in the movie though. I like magic special effects.

Overall, I'd go to see it again. Tom did give me a little grief for going without him. So, maybe we'll go together. And, now that I know how the handicapped seating view is, I think I'd be more apt to be up for a movie.

Today, the lake Thanksgiving with Balderdash! Pictures to be posted later.

Oh, btw, there are a couple new albums accessible on that Picturetrail site, if anyone is interested.


angie said...

you mean picture trail?

GoodSheila said...

*see Sheila quickly edit her post*

Isn't that what I said? ;)

Thanks Ang.