Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Recap Of Lost Post

Hm. Fun that I had written out an extensive babbling of pointless stuff just for IE to decide that it needs to close... therefore losing everything I had written.

None of it was life altering information, mind you. Most I won't even bother rewritting. It was more for my entertainment than yours. No offense. :)

I had pointed out, in my lost post, that my dress has arrived. And the great need to begin tanning so as not to scare the innocent away during the wedding. Also the neccessity of altering it so as not to be stumbling over its length. (There was previous mention of platform shoes in the lost post... )

I also discussed the two movies that Tom and I had watched last night on his computer, Gattaca and Mind Hunters.

Now, I had links to everything... but I've lost interest in that. And, honestly, would you of used them? Right. So, I'm not going to bother with them right now. Maybe if I get bored later, I'll edit them in.

Anyhow. I'm done with this.

Thank you for your time. ;)

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