Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Typical day in the life...

Since I've started this blog, I've found the need to update it daily. Yet, I often sit in front of the keyboard and stare blankly at the screen. I find it kind of aggrivating to look back on my day and not find anything worth reporting to the general public. I mean, things did occur today, but nothing noteworthy.

If all I did was recap my day to you, it would go something like this:

Woke up.
Played on computer.
Hung out.
Got Tom into his chair.
Hung out.
Went out with Elizabeth.
Drove around (this is our typical hanging out process, and we enjoy it).
Came home.
Got Tom into bed.
Hung out.
Played on computer.
Went to sleep.

Yeah, real exciting, huh? But, until I think of something better, that's your update for the day. :D

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