Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Updates, Downtime and everything in between

Tom has a follow up appointment with his urologist on Thursday. Hopefully the doc will say that everything is looking good, and we won't have to go back unless its absolutely necessary. Hopefully, also, the doc will have Home Health change Tom's catheter, because I really don't want to be responsible for it. I know I could do it... I just really don't want to. Yet, every time I say that, I end up doing whatever 'it' is. *sigh* Oh the fun.

Started Christmas shopping today. Whoo-hoo. I really have no idea what to get anyone, but I always pull it off. And, no one tells me that their gift sucks... So, either I'm doing alright, or no one wants to hurt my feelings. ;)

Spent some time with Elizabeth tonight as well. I love our goofy and pointless conversations that turn into serious discussions with a moments notice. We try to keep each other on our toes.

Tom and I watched The Wedding Date that he downloaded off the internet. I was suprised with the quality of the download. Definately worth the couple dollar purchase. Now, we just need to find a way to hook Tom's laptop up to the TV so more than two people could watch the movie at once.

Oh yeah, and my dad had his second round of chemo on Monday. I kinda wish I knew if the treatments were doing any good at shrinking his cancer. My sister, Angie says (direct quote): 'my dad got his 2nd chemo treatment yesterday - still seems to be fine... tired and a little weak, walking and standing not strong points - but what all can you ask for right?'

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angie said...

well I dont' know how the cancer is doing but yesterday dad was back to playing with the lawnmower, and the day before he stayed up late working on a tv table with mark.... *shrugs* so he's been tired, but he's been trying to find stuff to keep himself busy. he's been in and out of the garage a lot so thats cool. mk, i'm out of here. love ya