Thursday, March 23, 2006


Without saying too much, I would just like to state that the court system really proved itself today.

I am proud of the courage it took to get this job done and knowing that the result was satisfactory (no punishment would of been too much - really).

Hopefully some people's lives can go back to a little normalcy, now.

And, the streets are a smidge safer.


Concidering its been on the news, I guess its okay to talk about it now. So, if you're interested, you can read about it here or watch a clip here.


telakiniya said...

thats good news. also your pics look better, I was just to tired to do anything with them even as easy as it is.... I've spent most the day in and out of sleep... and eating, a lot. *shrugs* I did get the dishes done lol I guess thats a plus

telakiniya said...

why? like a screenshot of your computer? find the print scrn keyup by the F keys... press it - then open photoshop or something and paste it. is that what you're asking?

Anonymous said... talked about me. You DO like me! Ha ha!! *smile*