Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let's all cross our fingers

I know, I know... I haven't been posting often. Heck, I'm sure most of you haven't even noticed really.

I hopefully will be able to check out some houses this weekend. Let's all cross our fingers. I'm really going to have to get on this quick - not that I haven't been working towards it. (You know - important things come up.) If a house isn't going to work out, I've got to find an apartment ASAP. Sure wish I could get this over with (hopefully being satisfied with the result), and be able to settle in somewhere.

I keep hearing my landlord loading more stuff into the barn. I'm sure he's itching to get it all in its right place. Thank goodness he's a decent man - so far.

Cait's wedding is next weekend. We're getting down to the wire. And, looking at my calendar, I'm a little overwhelmed (which seems to be a fairly common trend in my life, actually). I cannot image how Cait feels. She has so much more to accomplish in a short period of time. I really need to work sometime next week also... but I've yet to figure out exactly when. I really only have the cake to worry about. But, its my first wedding cake. So, I'm a little nervous. Thank God its a simple design.

Tom's pressure wounds are almost non-exsistant now. We also had a rutiene urologist appointment today. Everything is doing alright on that front.

I haven't found my way back over to my mom's yet. I feel bad. I've been here, there and everywhere. Of course, that doesn't make it okay. I will find time soon.

I guess Angie has decided to paint the living room - which has needed to be done forever ago. So, we'll get going on that... prolly after the wedding... well, and after I move. Unless she already has it done by then. Which, she just might. She's a busy bumble bee. :D

And, lastly, I've brought someone to the dark side (how ironic is that?) today. They've started a blog. Lets see how long that will last... and I will tell you it should be quite interesting. You'll have to find it on your own, though.

Hm. I hear thunder. Perhaps I should turn off my computer now...

And so I shall.

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telakiniya said...

don't worry, I doubt I'll have the livingroom painted by then... I don't have the confidence enough to do it on my own. *shrugs*