Sunday, March 26, 2006

Reason to not follow through on good intentions

Friday I went to look at some more houses. And, there were a couple that I'm slightly interested in, opposed to not at all. I don't think that the ones I was slightly interested in will work either, but we're getting closer. :D

My real estate agent is also asking the loan officer she works with about different types of loans. Maybe there will be one that will work a little better and give me a couple more options. We'll find that out on Monday.

I went to work Friday evening and ended up staying longer than I had anticipated... which, I suppose was really all my fault.

(Hence the title of this post.)

After I was done decorating cakes, I needed to mop up my floor and head on home. The mop water (of course) needed to be changed.

While filling up the bucket, a little bit of water splashes onto the floor and I decide that the floor could use a good hosing down.

Actually, the kids at work were having loads of fun scrubbing the floors... which is weird, but true. And everything on the front line was running smoothly.

The new kid comes to the back to grab something and darts back up front to finish an order.

He turns the corner up front and WIPES OUT hard core on the wet floor.

I'm called up front to see this boy, sprawled out on the floor.

Great, I think sarcastically.

I immediately tell him not to move while attempting to process the situation.

Of course, the customer that happens to be at the registers is the Fire Chief and immediately offers his assistance.

He comes around and assesses the boy, says that he looks okay but should get checked out at the hospital. The boy says he has no desire to go, but then the Chief proceeds to mention that since the boy is a minor we must call his guardian to have them legally refuse treatment. (BTW - The boy has already picked himself up off the floor and is ready to go back to work, albeit a little slow moving.)

So, the Chief has to call an ambulance (since he's physically examined the boy) to make a report and deal with situation.

Yay again.

The ambulance shows up with a fire truck (thank GOD not running lights and sirens) to take over the situation.

Whoo-hoo, its a party.

Said boys parents are not easily tracked down, and the paramedics are getting ready to transport him to the hospital.

Oh boy - is my boss gunna be mad!!

At the last second the boys folks call back and refuse treatment (after the phone being passed around 200 times between the paramedic, myself and the boy).

Disaster somewhat averted.

Paramedics load up and leave, an hour after all this started... I talk the boy into leaving 10 minutes before his shift is over... I help straighten out the huge mess up front from the massive rush of business they had while the paramedics are there... And, I finally get to leave.

I never did mop the cake area's floor that night.

Oh well.

But, man oh man, the rest of the floor looks cleeeeeean!!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a goof. You crack me up! Trish