Friday, April 07, 2006

Education on the go...

I've been pretty busy figuring out all this house stuff. We're short on cash, and I'm trying to figure out how to get the regular bills paid and all the extra junk. Earnest money, inspectors, utility hook ups and deposits... I should of educated myself a little better about this process. Of course, I owe money to the government for my taxes, AND my tags expire in May for my car!

I've borrowed a chunk of money from my mother, which makes me feel bad. I know she's nervous about making ends meet since dad passed. I told her I'd pay it back, but it might take a while. A long long while.

And, even though I borrowed money from my mom, its still not enough. I'm not asking her for more. I'll have to find another way.

Tomorrow I meet with the lender. I hope all goes well there. I don't know why it shouldn't. It still makes me nervous.

Monday we should get the offical paperwork started. The seller was out of town until Monday, although the offer had been accepted (their real estate agent called them with the offer). So, techinally, the 'one month' time frame (until the offical closing) that goes with buying a house will start then. We're still hoping for the keys at the end of the month, which I was told was possible.

I was thinking of having a moving party, so we could caravan all our stuff out there in one trip. That way, people can also see where we live. Of course, after we get settled, I plan on having a housewarming party, too.

Party party party.

Maybe my nerves will settle a little after this next week. Until then, I need to find some money. Man. I hate being poor.

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