Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I come home from work today around 3 pm with a door-to-door sales person in my house. Now, no one here has the means to purchase anything from a sales person, so my curiosity is heightened.

I walk in to see Paul and the sales girl standing in my kitchen, and she's making herself a sandwich?! With my food? I'm a little taken back.

I think to myself: This is my house, right? I'm now feeding strangers?

I walk into the bedroom (Tom wasn't out of bed yet), and he's obviously angry at the situation and his lack of ability to do anything about it.

I guess this girl was selling some kind of cleaner for $35, and couldn't understand how we couldn't afford it with all of our 'luxuries' (ie: Tom's lap top, my computer, etc.). She had been giving Tom grief about it.

Anyway - I have no idea how she managed to talk Paul into giving her a sandwich through this process.

I walk back out into the kitchen and ask, "So, what are we doing here?"

She says, while picking up a bag of chips, "He said I could make a sandwich, is that okay?"

I'm so baffled at this moment. Do sales people DO this?! I say, "I can't afford to feed us, but I guess so."

Her defenses immediately go up as she starts to basically accuse me of lying to her about whether or not I can afford to give her a sandwich. She sets the sandwich down and starts to head towards the door.

Completely out of character for me, I sternly say, "Well, at least take your f*cking sandwich." (I have no idea where that came from!! I'm not normally rude, especially to people I don't know!)

Of course, now I'm completely floored. Not only to my reaction of this ridiculous situation, but the fact that she's listing off items in my house that shows that I can afford to give her a sandwich.

As she's walking out of my house, I'm following her. She sees my car and turns back to me and says, "Oh yeah, a Saab? And you can't afford to give me a sandwich?! You have no idea what my life is like."

I quickly rebut with, "You have no idea what my bills consist of, thank you."

Then, she has the nerve to say, "Yeah, you probably have never seen a black person." (Oh, yeah, she's African American, by the way.)

I say I work with several with better attitudes than hers and she better never come near my property again.

Of course, Tom thinks she might of been casing our house. I can't deny that she seemed to have an eye for our belongings. Tom gets upset that he cannot physically do anything in case of a robbery or burglary.

I'm still floored by the whole situation. What was my deal? I could of handled that situation so much better on several different levels!

I didn't get her name (Paul can't remember what she said her name was). I don't know what she was selling. I don't know what company she was with. I barely know what she looked like. I can't call the police with this itty bit of information... and what good would that do anyhow?

So, instead of buying $35 worth of cleaner, I've gotten online and found a security system for $35 a month. It'll protect all my windows and doors. It looks pretty decent.

It was an investment I wanted to look into in the future anyhow. But, this isn't exactly how I wanted to go about getting one.

It'll be installed very soon.

And - note to self - get a NO SOLICITING sign a.s.a.p.

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