Sunday, July 23, 2006

13 laps

Thats how much time I have until the race is over, therefore when Tom wants to get out of bed.

So, I thought I would drop a quick line in the process of Tom cussing because Matt Kennseth isn't doing as well as Tom had hoped.

Heather made it here and home safely. We didn't do anything too eventful, but I think she had a good time. I had lots fun! Especially with our impromptu scavenger hunt (which Angie will post about sometime).

We went to see Grandma's new house while Heather was here, also. I think it will work perfectly for her. I sure hope she's happy there, which I think she will be.

I can't wait to find enough extra cash lying around to make it down to Oklahoma. Of course, I'd also have to plan carefully as to make sure Tom was taken care of while I was gone.

I think, after I get back from work, I'm going to start working on my kitchen curtains. I have this picture in my head of how I want them to look... I just hope it translates well! I know how to sew, I just don't do it often. I might post a photo after I get them done and put up, just to entertain you all. I'm sure your life would not be complete without knowing what my kitchen curtains look like. Right?

Tom's birthday is coming up soon, and I'm pondering what to get him. Of course, also how I'm going to afford anything. Gotta love credit cards, right?!

Oh, 3 laps left. Might as well start getting ready to get Tom out of bed!

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