Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A waste of time

I just don't understand the point.

Do people actually read their junk mail, or their spam emails?

I personally don't waste my time with this crap. I throw it all away immediately (well, minus my quest for the best interest rate on a credit card - which goes in phases).

My head spins while wading through all the flyers and envelopes in my mailbox to weed out my bills and personal mail.

It drives me insane to have 10 emails when I get online, and only 2 of them are from people I know.

And, and, telemarketers?! What kind of job is that?

I would never be able to go to work and call 300 people in a day and listen to them cuss me out for doing my (although stupid and annoying) job. Well, if I were being paid good money, I'd do it for a while... but it better say in my contract that I have the right to defend myself against verbal attacks.

The junk mail gets to me the most though. Seriously. What line of defense do you have against all this crap in your mailbox?

Spam emails, although obnoxious, are easily disposed of with the press of a button.

You can decide to not answer your phone. You can get on that 'do not call' list (which I am, thank goodness).

But, you must sort your mail to make sure that one important envelope did not get swallowed up by all the crap that is 95% of your mail!

Does this drive anyone else up the wall?!

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