Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Socially Sick

Man, its hard to come up with fun titles. This one doesn't really work for the post... but, hopefully you'll understand after you read it.

Tom and I both woke up yesterday feeling poorly.

Well, actually, I woke up after 4 hours of sleep feeling yucky - wondering which route my upset stomach was going to take to get out of my body. I ended up lucking out with no violent attacks of stomach content removal, but felt not quite right for some time yesterday.

Tom woke up shivering with a fever. He had to suffer with his symptoms longer than I did, poor guy. But, he ended up feeling better within a couple hours of waking up.

We both laid around in bed all day, watching TV.

I was supposed to go to work to help with one of the high school music department's Ice Cream Social. Anyone around our town should know what I'm talking about. I sort of felt bad about not making more of an effort to get there to help out, but obviously not bad enough to make myself attend!

I'll make a little more effort to get there tonight for the next high school's social, although it would seem that the employees did alright without me.

I guess it'll all depend on how Tom feels. He's having a little wave of yuckiness again this morning. Let's hope it doesn't last near as long as yesterday.

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