Monday, October 02, 2006


Okay - ya'll have read about my previous issues with spiders in my house.

I'm not talking your average house spider.

I'm talking about spiders so large they could easily open the front door of the house on their own!

(Yes, call me a drama queen... its alright. I'm waiting for it.)

The scariest part seems that looks like it will be an ongoing dilemma in my household!

I should of known to ask the real estate agent if there were any known man-eating spiders on the property before closing on this house. But, you know, that's something that slipped my mind, for some reason. I will know to ask if ever I buy another house, I tell you!

Last night, I encountered, two (not one, but two) huge, ugly, woman-eating, hairy, freshly pedicured with brightly painted pink toenails, SPIDERS.

Hm, that was a little unbelievable, huh?

Alright. Huge and ugly are accurate. The rest I could of sworn I saw... but, maybe my mind is playing a couple tricks on me.

I understand the importance of spiders on this earth. I know they definitely help keep down the other dreaded bug population in this household. And, thank God for that, because I don't need any more bugs in this house, either.

But, c'mon. House spiders are supposed to be small. Like, an inch or less in full diameter.

These spiders are so large, I'm afraid I'll wake up one morning, spun into a spider web and awaiting my inevitable death!

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Bluepaintred said...

i vote for pictures. ive never seen a spider with its nails done!