Thursday, October 26, 2006


Is it really morning?

I'm kinda thankful that its drizzling outside.

If there were some bright sunshine going on, I'd probably be in a worse mood.

How weird is that?

Wound care doctor today. I hope the spot on Tom's rear isn't too bad. Everyone cross your fingers for us. Tom's really not looking forward to lots of time in bed until the wound heals.

Hey, at least he would be in bed through to crappier months, instead of spring or summer...

Alright. No matter what, it sucks.

I can't wait to take a nap.


It looks like Tom will be spending some time in bed, turning from side to side. I didn't get a good look at the wound after it was debreed, but I know its not as severe as the two that had him in bed for four months.

We can only hope that this one heals quickly, and he'll be up for the holidays. (Okay, I guess Halloween is out of the question.)

Let's all pray for Thanksgiving, although Christmas is probably more realistic... Let's also hope its not Valentines Day before this wound is healed.

Man, Tom is going to need to find some form of entertainment. Maybe I'll look into Netflix... how much does that cost? (Like we have money to spare, really.)

Tom normally downloads movies onto his lap top, but we'll probably be going through movies faster than our satellite Internet is able to download them.

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Elizabeth said...

I think that you can try net flicks free for a month so that is at least something.