Monday, October 23, 2006

So fresh and so clean!

I took the casing off of my craputer and peered inside. It wasn't too bad... well, not as bad as the first time I had cleaned it out - which was four years after I had bought it. Yeah, I'm not great with maintenance of these things...

Anyhow, I get the vacuum out and start gently sucking out dust from the inner workings of the computer. I start looking at the fan that brings cool air inside the computer, and realize that the fan blade is covered. The gentle vacuuming becomes a little more intense and its not touching the dust on the fan.

I sit back and contemplate my next maneuver. There are these shiny screws that are calling my name, saying something like, "If you just loosen me, that fan will come right out and you'll be able to clean it!"

Right. I know these voices in my head are trying to get to me.

I imagine having to ship millions of little pieces of my computer to my brother in Canada and having to explain to him that I was just trying to dust the inner workings of the thing. Yeah, I can see him shaking his head in utter disbelief and muttering obscenities.

I ignore the voices, quickly.

Ah, yes. The bottle of compressed air glows like a beacon of hope in the distance.

(A little too cheesy? Alright.)

I blast that little fan with the compressed air and room becomes so hazy with dust it feels like we're at a bar!

The fan is dust free, though.

Oh, and I also cleaned Tom's wheelchair.

Did you know his chair was black and not grey?! Strange.


angie said...

lol now when xmas comes I can see jeff questioning each item before opening it

Elizabeth said...

I just want to say that you might be out of control!
The descriptions were a little out there but funny.