Saturday, October 21, 2006


I think my computer is wanting to retire.

I'm a little worried about this.

Not only for the obvious fact that I cannot afford another one at this moment in my life, but for the fact that I cannot (easily) remove all my photos and files from the computer.

My burner doesn't work. It hasn't worked for some time. This is a mild annoyance. Yet, it hasn't bothered me enough to replace it.

Anyway - I suppose I can start transfering all my files to Tom's laptop and put them to disc there. That involves Tom dealing with not using his laptop for some time while I make the transfer... And, for a man who isn't able to get out of bed right now because of a pressure sore on his bum, and his main form of entertainment is his laptop... well, you get it, I'm sure.

So, the symptoms of my computer would be that it is locking up... frequently. Probably twice a day or so. And, when I turn the computer off, wait a while, and turn it back on... its reallllly slow to get going.

You know, the process of it getting from the black screen, to the computer lingo screen, to the 'Welcome' screen of windows (and whatever steps I'm missing in there), takes forever. Sometimes it takes so long that I think its locked up during one of these steps.

It has always ended up loading, so far. But, there has been a couple times that its locked up immediately after I enter into my user area.

Anyhow, I guess I'm going to start moving files into the shared documents.

Ideas are appreciated. :D

Free fixes are better!

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