Saturday, December 16, 2006

This is my second job...

Elizabeth and I decided to run to David's Bridal to figure out what color bridesmaid dresses really exists. Elizabeth was having a hard time deciphering the colors on her work computer (since the monitor is older than I am, the color is not very accurate).

We were also struggling because none of the colors had 'normal' names. What is capri? Or calypso? Why can't we just see blue, or light blue? No, no... we have cornflower, which is listed on the site, but doesn't show any dresses in that color.

We've realized that light (or baby) blue is not a popular color at David's bridal. How weird is that? The closest we can come, that Elizabeth likes, is the cornflower. Although its not quite right.

But that's neither here nor there. We've still got time for all that crap. We were just trying to find the color and style she likes so maybe we can purchase the dresses on eBay for crazy cheap.

Anyway - we decided while we were out, we'd stop by Unity Village (one of the places that Elizabeth is considering having her ceremony). We knew we were going to have to peer into windows to check out the possible venue, and hope the Security Officers didn't find us suspicious. ;)

We really had no idea if we were even looking in the correct windows... and we couldn't see a thing anyhow.

As we circle around the building, I see a security guy driving by and I decide to wave him down.

"Excuse me, sir, but may I ask you a question that does not pertain to your job at all," I ask.

"You can try," the older gentleman replies.

"Do you know where they have the weddings at here on the grounds?"
The nice man starts to ramble off locations, and my head starts to spin. I had been to this place before, but never any of these locations.

He stops for a moment and thinks, then offers, "If you'd like to, I'll show you where they are."

Awesome! We totally hop in and expect him to point out the places as we drive by.

Oh no, though.

The guy didn't just drive by.

He parked at each location, and unlocked each place - letting us inside to check them out. He turned on lights, showed us little tricks about how to set the place up to make it more accommodating... everything!!


I think the man is a wedding consultant by day, and a security officer at night.

I'm just sayin.


angie said...

i bet he was just really bored

find anything good while there?

Sheila said...

There's a chapel there that might work... I don't know. Tony hasn't seen the inside yet.

Trisha said...

Well I think that is terrific, bored or not, what a help that was. This time of year everyone just seems to be so darned cranky (not me of course) that I find it very impressive when people take the extra time to just be....friendly!

Elizabeth said...

Ah yes the fun times we have!