Monday, January 01, 2007

Another Toy

Bluepaintred's blog is a super cool place to find new blogger toys.

Whatever new toy she gets, I definitely check it out. I do this because she's also on blogspot, therefore I know these toys will work here.

(She's how I found acronyms, BTW)

She's clued me into Snap, which gives each link a visual picture - hopefully to peak your interest and make you go check it out too.

Of course, I'm mainly a lurker over on her blog... so she doesn't even know what cool ideas she's giving me!

Hey, thanks, Blue! I appreciate you doing all the hard work!


Bluepaintred said...

lol, its not a problem. i rightclick blogs like mad checking source codes for new treats

Kentucky Girl said... little toy. :)

I'm a "reader of bloglines" kinda gal. I usually don't comment because I'm a lazy bones. :D