Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is it really Spring?

Oh my goodness. Thank God the weather was nice today.

Tom got out of bed and outside for a couple hours today. (He still has his pressure wounds, so time up in his chair is limited.)

We wandered around the yard and discussed all the ideas we have to improve the place. You know... when we win the lottery.

I'd really love to put in a stone walkway all around the property, so Tom would have a smoother surface to drive on. (Our yard is extra bumpy for some reason...) Also, the stone walkway would allow Tom in the yard when the ground is muddy.

We've discussed building planter boxes that would set up next to the house and around the deck. We could make these at a height which Tom would be able to work with.

Heck - there's a lot of things we would do if we had the money. But, ya know, that stuff doesn't grow on trees.

Trees!! We need some trees too.

One day, I'm just going to throw my desire to pay my credit card off out the window and charge a whole bunch of stuff to make our house nicer, and easier for Tom.

Yeah... one day...

Anyhow, we also strolled down to our neighbors house and chatted with him for a while. His house isn't accessible, but it didn't matter today anyhow. We were all more than happy to sit outside on his steps and enjoy the weather.

Tom's back in bed now. I think that we'll be able to cope with our cabin fever for a couple of days... The weather is supposed to turn chiller this weekend, anyhow.


Bluepaintred said...

you will only win the lotto if you buy the tickets. do you buy the tickets?

hope should NEVER die

Elizabeth said...

Yeah well it sounds like you are going to have your own little garden show at the house if you ever get a bunch of money.

Trisha said...

You're so cute. Don't worry, if I win the lottery you and Tom are certainly gonna do well. Wait, that means I have to buy the damn tickets. Geez. This is hard.