Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Roommate

Paul opted for an ambulance ride Wednesday around eight o'clock pm.

I don't know why men wait until the 'last moment' to go to the hospital. Tom and I could of taken him to the hospital earlier that day. But, no. He's got to wait until he's so much pain that he wants us to call 911.

So, I did.

Its kinda weird to call 911 for someone else besides Tom. When I call for Tom, I know the answers to all the questions. When its for someone else, I get lost quickly.

Age? I dunno. Symptoms? I dunno. Allergies? I dunno.

Anyway - Paul called tonight from Research. He's got an obstructed bowel. They're running some more tests. They might do surgery...? I dunno.

And, although I feel horrible for Paul that he's got an obstructed bowel, I'm very thankful also. If this were something contagious, I would be terrified that either Tom or I had gotten it. We definitely only need one person in the hospital at once. Seriously.

We'll figure out what the plan is for Paul tomorrow, I guess.

Of course, now I'm unable to go to work, cuz I don't have someone to keep Tom company.

That'll be nice on my paycheck (or lack thereof).

Yeah, uhm, groceries? Not necessary.


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Trisha said...

Poor Paul. That's just got to be no fun at all. I do hope all goes well though!!