Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thank God for boot cut jeans

Being born in the late 70's, I wore my fair share of bell bottoms. It was cool, ya know.

The eighties came around, and the tapered cut was in fashion. If you wore bell bottoms in the 80's, you were snickered at. Everyone knew you were wearing hand-me-downs... and that wasn't necessarily a cool thing to do.

Do you remember in the 80's, we all remember trying to fold our jeans as tight as possible around our ankles, too. Seriously, why? For the love of all things holy, WHY? Multi pair of socks, in different colors? Hair so big that you have to duck to walk into the door?

Anyway, I digress.

While outside smoking (even though its below freezing here, mind you - geez, the things I do for Tom's health), I catch a glimpse of myself in the window.

Yeah, I don't have a model figure. Uhm, I don't even think I have a plus-size model figure (ah, I'm so good at the dramatics).

I'm checking out my new jeans in the reflection, and immediately think, "Thank God for boot cut jeans!"

I mean, seriously, if I were still subjected to wearing tapered jeans... well, I just don't know if I could continue to live.

Why would you put something shaped like an over sized apple (or even a pear) in pants / jeans / slacks that sucks up against their frame? The shape reminds me of one of those huge lollypops.

How does that make a larger girl feel good about herself?

I'm just sayin'.


Kentucky Girl said...

Here! Here! Thank God for boot cut jeans...long ones that go over your shoes. I always thought those tight legged jeans made people look like an upside-down Christmas tree. Heh. NOT a good look.

Trisha said...

So tucking my jeans into my boots and wearing leg warmers isn't cool anymore? Damn! Things change so fast anymore. What's a girl to do?!? :o) Yet, let's not forget the wonderful look of spandex with hugely oversized shirts with a nice HUGE belt. Yeah...that was HOT!

Elizabeth said...

That is so funny!
You are so funny!
I am thankful too that those jeans are no longer in style cause I would just have to not be down with that!
I don't think that they look good on any shape, I am just saying!