Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crazy Weather = No Internet

Again, let me state that satellite Internet sucks.

Again, let me state that it is better than dial up.

But, I don't see myself being online tonight because of this:

Hopefully the weather will clear enough to turn my computer on later, but I'm not holding my breath.


Bluepaintred said...

freaky deaky. is that just a Tstorm or something worse?

be safe!

ang said...

its that time of year *sigh* better safe than sorry right?

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the picture it really helps! And you really need to get rid of the freaking sat internet and get cable. Yes that is my plan work with it.

Trisha said...'re house didn't blow away, stop whining! Wait, I haven't talked to you...maybe it DID blow away. At least the storm didn't last too terribly long. I'm sure the satellite didn't like any of it...but it sure could have been worse. The way they were talking I thought the end of the world was near.