Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Hell It Can't

So, I finally went to the ER yesterday around noon. The doctor barely looked at my ear, gave me some drops and some vicodin and sent me away.

Sheila learned that she and vicodin don't get along. After spending the whole evening vomiting and still in pain, I was thankful that I didn't waste my money filling the Rx. Not to mention when I did doze off, I kept having the sensation of not being able to breathe. Now, whether or not that was all in my head is beside the point. Have you ever woken up because you feel like you've stopped breathing?! Not a lot of fun.

The entire left side of my head is swollen. Immensely. I cannot hear at all out of my left ear.

I've literally slept 24 hours straight, waking up only to put my ear drops in and eat more Tylenol (cuz it doesn't make me puke).

If my 'condition' does not change sometime tomorrow, I will be going back to the ER. I've never been swollen like this.

I hurt, I hurt, I hurt.

(PS - Tom was going to update y'all, except the stupid internet has been out all day for reasons I've yet to figure out. I just had enough motivation to unplug the router and plug it back in, making our connection come back.)

(PPS - I'm so totally going back to bed.)


Blogarita said...

SG had some bad reactions to Vicodin, too.

I think you should go back to the ER as soon as you can. If nothing else, they can probably give you a pain med you can tolerate.

Trisha said...

Stupid spider babies!! Okay, okay, I'll let the spider thing go....mmm..maybe. I do however agree with going back to the ER. FYI I'm not a big fan of the ER nor am I a big fan of Vicodin. Bleh! Makes me hallucinate which may be fun to some people, but I truly don't like it.

Anyway, you do know that it might be a tooth infection. I mean I'm no doctor but I do know that sometimes if the infection gets to the jaw area it shoots pain right up to your ear. Again, not a doctor but have heard that. just HAVE to be better by tomorrow. Tracie & Shawn are going to be coming up. Hopefully my (and Tom's) Aunt Sharon Kay and her husband will be up as well as possible a cousin or two we haven't seen in a million years.

No pressure. No really, I do hope you get to feeling better regardless of the wedding.

Feel better right now damn it!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey honey just a idea but since the stupid dr didn't do anything maybe my parents could be of some assistance. I know my mom dealt with many things like that when she worked in one of the many hospitals that she did. Anyways am sure that you don't want to spend time on the phone but it might be worth it to see if they can't help somehow.