Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's go fly a kite...

Once, I was flying a kite in a field with my friends and their kids.

I accidentally let go of the string, and the kite soared across the 20 acre field.

For some strange reason, I decided I would run after it to catch it.

So I did.

It was a long run.

I'm not a runner.

In fact, I'm not even a long walker.

Immediately after I caught the string for the kite, I huffed and puffed and sat down in the field.

And, I cursed myself for having the brilliant idea of chasing the kite.

From that day forward, I always secretly wish to see someone let go of a kite string so they can run after the kite and make a fool out of themselves like I did.


Elizabeth said...

I really just don't even know what to say about that but running after something totally sucks!

Trisha said...

About the only time you will catch me running is if something and/or someone is running after ME.