Sunday, May 13, 2007

okay, fine, I'm here.

So, the other day, I'm driving down the highway.

I'm in the left hand lane, because traffic is merging onto the highway at my right.

Being the alert driver that I am, I glance at the traffic merging next to me and see an ambulance. At about that instant, I also hear sirens.

I do what any proper law abiding citizen would, and pull over. Since I was in the left lane, I pull further left onto the shoulder, waiting for the ambulance to pass.

As this ambulance passes, I realize that they do not have their lights or sirens going.

I start to think I'm a little crazy. I'm fairly certain all the other traffic around me think I'm nuts...

Then I hear it. On the radio.

The commerical I'm listening to has a siren in the background.

Nice. Thank you for making me look like a moron because I was trying to do the right thing!

(On a side note: I apoligize for the lack of posts. This week has been horribly long and busy. I think I've finally got my head on straight - or at least back to normal.)

Oh, and Tom is working on a blog post too! Whoo-hoo!


mist1 said...

I have a rule:

No rap music in my car.

Because if I freak out over another siren in a rap song while I'm driving, I will have to write the Wu-Tang Clan a scathing email telling them just what I think of them.

Elle said...

LMAO!!! That's too funny! Hey at least you didn't try to outrun the ambulance!

Bluepaintred said...

lol i have *almost* done the same thing

and i think the only reason I havent is that when I hear the siren and look around I don't see any emergency vehicles!

tom is doing OK? you getting enough sleep? Come have a cuppa java with me, I will make it all better

Trisha said...

LMFAO!! Ahhh...God love ya. That's why I try not to do anything right. I'm good at it and also it keeps my image of "idiot" up. Just kidding, I probably would have done the same thing. Yep, pretty sure other people thought you were an idiot...good thing is that all of us KNOW you are. I mean aren't, no are. :o)

Elizabeth said...

You are so funny!
I would have been so annoyed when I figrued out that I did that but you know what I bet others do that all the time. :-)

Sheila said...

Mist1 - I understand about rap music. This was a commerical, though! I'm about to outlaw them in my car too!

Elle - Next time I'll concider speeding up instead of pulling over!

BPR - This is the first time I was so tricked by the radio that I pulled over. Tom is doing alright. I'm super tired, but am getting caught up. Still waiting for the plane ticket to Canada...

Trisha - I know the people behind me had to be cussing. There was a whole bunch of traffic that day, of course.

Eliz - I've never seen anyone else pull over for an ambulance that doesn't have its lights or sirens going. But, if I ever do, I will nod my head understandingly.

Trisha said...

FYI - Mom and I heard that same commercial with the sirens and both of us burst out laughing without even saying a word about it knowing that it HAD to be that commercial. LOL