Sunday, May 06, 2007

ramble, ramble

This on and off rain is killing me. How much rain does the earth need, seriously?! I personally think 3 inches is a little dramatic. Does anyone know how to build an ark? Cuz, that may be helpful soon.

And, of course, heavy rain = no satellite. So, my Internet access has been as temperamental as a toddler before their nap. Which, has attempted to revert me into a toddler before a nap. Well, except, I took a nap today. So, perhaps it would be better to say I'm as grumpy as a toddler that has been woken up from a nap.

(Can you tell I really don't have anything to post about today?)

Tom's surgery is scheduled for 11 AM tomorrow. They're going to keep him overnight, and I don't really understand the point. Maybe we can sweet talk them into letting us go home tomorrow afternoon.

Maybe they'll decide it isn't as bad as originally expected, and they'll let him keep his toe. Here's hopin'.

Sleeping in hospital chairs sucks hard core. I wonder if the designer of those chairs has ever attempted to take a nap in them. Someone is trying to be smarter about the whole concept - some chairs actually fold out into a 'bed'. But, I've yet to find a device provided in a hospital that is comfortable for me.

We were supposed to get our phone call today, giving us instructions for tomorrow. You know, the whole, "Don't eat after midnight, be here at ____ time." Yeah, we didn't get that call. I had to call the hospital on a Sunday night and ask Ms. Trying-to-be-helpful-but-completely-clueless about the whole surgery thing. She actually suggested that maybe they'd call us tomorrow morning... Riiiiiight.

Anyway, since I've obviously still have nothing to post about, and my satellite connection is currently available, I'm going to post this now.

Don't expect me around tonight, tomorrow or maybe even Tuesday until later in the evening.

If you don't hear from me by Wednesday night, our house has floated away because of all the rain.


Bluepaintred said...

im so nervous.

i wish they would call you. what if they were supposed to and then tom eats or drinks and they are all mad and say well now we cant do it?

stupid non calling doctors!

I sure hoep it goes well and really, stay the night in the hospital, they are equipped to deal with his pain and stuff

hugs to you and yours sheila, hope it all goes well. I will comment first on tommorrows post with well wishes for tom, so you can keep your first place, ok?

Hummie said...

Hey, it's always good to find a fellow Missourian blogger! I too was fed up with the rain.

Hospital?'ve got some serious stuff going on.

Elizabeth said...

Well if this makes you feel any better which it probably won't but I will tell you anyway. I was getting ready to turn in my HUGE paper yesterday night and right when I went to click send the internet went out. YES SWEET IRONY! It had to wait till I was turning that in not before or after.

angie said...

i want to take pictures here....

i'm going to check it out tomorrow

angie said...

never thought I'd get lost in a cemetary, but that one is huge.

not sure what I think about it for pictures considering the drive... but if you've never been out there, you should go... just to say you've been lol sounds crazy I know