Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Try to follow this:

7:10 AM - Alarm clock rings. Sheila glares at the clock, angry that she couldn't fall asleep until 2:30 AM because she's a night owl. Sheila promptly hits snooze and crawls back into bed.

7:19 AM - Snooze alarm rings, Sheila contemplates why the 'snooze' is automatically programmed for 9 minutes. This drives her crazy. Sheila turns off alarm clock and wanders all over the house doing a million things before getting ready for Tom and herself to leave for the hospital.

8:25 AM - Sheila and Paul load Tom into the van, in the pouring rain. Yay for no garage or carport or overhang! All three persons are substantially wet and grumpy. (Okay, mainly Sheila was grumpy.)

8:35 AM - Paul, Tom and Sheila notice the increasing water level of the lake they drive by to go towards the hospital. Flooding is inevitable. (This flooding does not affect our house.) Sheila giggles inappropriately towards the people whom purchased her grandmother's house at a different lake, hoping their property is inundated with water as well.

(Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous. Let's change gears:)

While in pre-op, Tom and I discuss with the doctor if the options of multi-colored stitches are possible. We also mention an embroidered rose would be a nice surprise. The doc actually plays along and tells us there will be an unveiling of his artwork after the surgery. He does mention that these options would cost extra, and after some discussion, Tom and I decide to forgo the pretties.

After the toe was removed, and Tom was settled into his room, I remind him that now he is one fourth three toed sloth. I was much more entertained with this realization than he was...

Tom was not actually admitted into the hospital, according to their records. He was under a 'standard 23 hour observation period'. Which, you know, whatever. Except, by this definition, Tom wasn't in the system... making medications a nightmare to get. The poor nurses had to keep calling the pharmacy to explain that Tom really did exist in the hospital, and needed his pain medication.

Tom's hospital room mate was in for a kidney stone, and DOSED on morphine. This guy looked more loopy than any junkie I've seen on television, although I completely understand why! Kidney stones are the devil. But, this guy and Tom got along great. They talked about sports, hot chicks and outdoorsmen crap... through the room's curtain divider. They actually never saw each other until the guy was released a couple hours before Tom.

I got to 'sleep' in a crappy hospital recliner. It was the best option. I hate sleeping on my back. I didn't really sleep. This makes me crankier than normal.

I also got to learn how to inject antibiotics through Tom's newly inserted PICC line. (One step closer to becoming a nurse without going to medical school! Yipee!)

Tom made a great impression on the staff, as always. As he was discharged, a couple of nurses nearly begged Tom to stay because he was a better patient than any other person there at the time.

Uhm, to make a long story a little shorter: We're home. I've not gotten my nap yet. I've not gotten in the shower yet. But, I have eaten. Tom's good. Only normal SCI pain.

Hm. I've spaced off. I've lost my train of thought.

Damned hospital hangover.


Marilyn said...

I hope you got lots of rest and that it stops raining today.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you guys are home and everything went well!

Trisha said...

Ahhh...how I love your stories. It's what keeps me going. Guess I better fire off my own post real quick before I get yelled at.

Mom said that Tom did really well. And you always do so well...again, only being nice on here do NOT expect the same treatment in person! :o)