Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I <3 Free Stuff

Man, I've been raking it in here lately.

Yesterday, I asked Trish if I could have her old phone since she switched her service provider. She totally handed it over. I got it hooked up today, and mostly figured out. I love a new toy!

Then, today, I get a message from Elizabeth that her fiancee is bringing me home an office chair. Now I have this nice cushy office chair to sit in! It totally kicks butt. Completely. Utterly. Comfy.

Anyone else got any cool free stuff to hand over?

I'm all about it!


mist1 said...

I adore free stuff. I just got a new pair of kitchen scissors. All I had to do was invite someone over and let them experience my dull scissors. The next day, I had new sharp scissors.

angie said...

i want your old phone! ok so I Don't think it would work since I have tmobile but it was the thought.

catch ya later

Blogarita said...

Free is good! One of my readers gave me her retired digital camera.

And Bluepaintred bought me brand new one!

(just kidding, Blue)

Trisha said...

I want my phone back. LOL. I think I liked my Razor better than my new one...but then I think my new one is more functional. Yes...I GAVE Sheila my dumb am I. I want money for it now! :o)

Elizabeth said...

We love you Sheila!
Trish you cant take the phone back now!! :-)
I have some more free stuff at my house if you want it. I have lots of cool things like wind chimes and some old chandeliers and some ladders. :-)

Sheila said...

mist1 - ooh, I could use some new scissors too! maybe I should have some company over tonight.

angie - I would totally give you my old phone, but don't see how it'll help you.

Blogarita - Isn't it nice of Blue to buy you a new camera! ;)

Trisha - You were the one that decided to switch companies! And, I thought we'd use this as payment for all the work I've done in the nursery. :D

Eliz - Uhm, I don't have any trees for windchimes, I don't have high enough ceilings for chandeliers... you have extra ladders? Thats weird.