Friday, June 22, 2007

The Wrench

We actually have a very delicate balance here.

Take one person out of the equation, everything goes to heck in a hand basket.

Take one person out of the equation and THEN need to go pick up the wheelchair accessible van throws a really large wrench into the works.

Especially when I need to be in two totally different places tonight anyhow.

I've got one time restraint figured out. Now its just a matter of getting to work sometime too.

Oh, yeah, and picking up the van.

Paul went to the doctor today, using Tom's van, and they decided to admit him into the hospital for reasons I do not know... I don't know when he'll get out. I don't know anything. In fact, Paul doesn't know anything either.

How do you get admitted into the hospital and not know why?!?!!

I mean, seriously.


Trisha said... How does that happen? Usually you have a clue as to why they are keeping you. I hope it's nothing too serious. He's such a nice guy. Dang!

Sheila said...

Oh, he totally knows (he has to! you always know WHY you're being admitted). He's not telling us for one of two reasons (that I can think of):

1 - He doesn't want to 'worry' us.
2 - He doesn't think its a big deal.

Or, you know, something along those lines.

Kentucky Girl said...

What? How...ah nevermind. You're talking about a man, right. yeah. There is your answer.

Sheila said...

KG - Yeah, boys are dumb. Men are stupid. I just really didn't think I needed to be a 'mother figure' to a man that is old enough to be my father. Like I don't have enough on my plate...

angie said...

rough david camp pictures on my xanga.

angie said...

yeah it was a park, we caught them at lunch but even then there were only like 4 activities going on. stepping stones, bbs, marbles, and soccer/waterballoon vball. you could see it all from HQ, all in yelling distance, and they swim for an hour in the middle of the day. it was more like my daycare (which was more hetic) than our camp. wish you could of been there, it was like a vacation. 'cept trading post, which was a mess. david said he missed barb. lol but I guess thats why I waited on pictures, because there really wasn't much to see. it was odd

RisibleGirl said...

Girl- I can't imagine being in your boat right now.

Boat? where did that come from? Oh hell, you know what I mean.

I hope EVERYTHING gets back to (sorta) normal for you.

(PS- good thing my mad typing skillz are back, or that word verification thingee would cause me to cry)