Friday, July 20, 2007

Prime Time

Might I say that I find it awfully weird how I hardly never watch Thursday night television (because I am at work). On the extreme rare occasions that I do catch a show or two, I find myself sucked into Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.

So, tonight I'm running late getting out the door. I'm waiting on dinner and some dry jeans... you know, the basics.

Anyhow - I turn on Ugly Betty and am utterly lost. I recognize all the characters, but they're not really behaving the way they were when I saw it last, which was probably literally 6 months ago. I spend the whole show trying to sort out in my head how the characters got from where I saw them last to their current positions. Of course, its hopeless, but I still get a few laughs out of the show.

Then, Grey's Anatomy comes on. The last one of those I saw, again probably six months ago, was where Meredith fell into the water at the peer. Coincidentally, the episode I turn on is chronologically correct for me! Its like I've been watching the show faithfully the whole time!! No need to feel lost and wonder what in the world I missed.

Sadly, though, I had to leave half way through Grey's. Hopefully the next Thursday that I'm accidentally home, they'll rerun it for me!


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Elizabeth said...

Dude-I love ugly betty but i never get to watch it when I want to so am really lost too!
Grey's is good too but like I said barely have time to watch the first one nevermind the second one.

Bluepaintred said...

my husband s family came in this morning! ARGGG! I spent from eight am till 11:30 at night over at my in laws house pretending to visit with them, but all the while I was crying inside for the harry potter book.

its 3am. I'm done. Email me when you are too!